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Water Expo China Nanjing | Exhibition for Water Management 1

Water Expo China Nanjing | Exhibition for Water Management

December 9, 2023

The Water Expo China is an annual, specialized exhibition for the water industry, organized by the Jiangsu Huaiyin Water Conservancy Construction Co., Ltd. This company is a leading enterprise in the water management and water protection sector in China. Since its establishment, the company has specialized in a variety of water projects, including water management, water supply and disposal, flood protection, and hydroelectric power plants. As the organizer of the Water Expo China, the company leverages its expertise to present a comprehensive and informative event, highlighting the challenges and opportunities in the water sector and showcasing solutions for a more sustainable water industry.

The event is held at the Nanjing International Exhibition Center (NIEC), a state-of-the-art exhibition site located in Nanjing, China. As China’s first international professional event for the water industry, it focuses on areas such as irrigation, water protection, water construction machinery, and water treatment. The Water Expo provides a comprehensive communication and information platform for exhibitors and visitors to present and discuss the latest developments, trends, services, and products in the water industry. In summary, the Water Expo China is a significant meeting point for experts and professionals in the water industry, facilitating knowledge exchange and high-level networking.

The Water Expo China takes place annually, and therefore for the 19th time previsibly in June 2024 in Nanjing.

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Fair location:

Nanjing International Exhibition Center NIEC,
88 Longpan Rd, Xuanwu, Nanjing, Jiangsu, China


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Fair organizer
Jiangsu Huaiyin Water Conservancy Construction Co., Ltd.
Tonghai Building, No. 33 Meicheng East Road
223005 Huaidian, China
Tel: 0517-83712390
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Past editions:
  • 07. – 09. June 2023
  • 02. – 04. November 2022
  • 04. – 06. November 2019
  • 10. – 12. October 2018
  • 15. – 17. November 2016
  • 18. – 20. November 2015
  • 01. – 03. December 2014
  • 02. – 04. December 2013

Product groups: analytical tools, aquatic ecology, disinfection equipment, drainage technology, drinking water safety, drought resistance technology, exhibition equipment, fans, flood protection, irrigation systems, membrane separation systems, piping, pumps, seawater desalination plants, sediment research, sludge treatment, surveillance systems, ultraviolet irradiation apparatus, waste water technology, waste water treatment, water analysis, water management, water production, water supply systems, water technology, water treatment plants, …

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